Beaver Creek vs. Vail: The Showdown

Wertu Ski Expert
May 20, 2024

Nestled in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, Beaver Creek and Vail stand as two of the most iconic ski destinations in North America. Both provide stunning landscapes and unmatched skiing experiences. But when you're planning your next ski adventure, which one should you choose? Let's delve deep and compare these two skiing titans.

By the Numbers: Beaver Creek vs. Vail

Beaver Creek Village Vail
Total Skiing Distance (km) 150 317
Beginners Slopes 26 35
Intermediates Slopes 85 56
Experts Slopes 38 102
Wertu's rank 4.1 3.9


When it comes to skiing terrains, both Beaver Creek and Vail have their unique strengths. Beaver Creek offers immaculate groomed trails and is especially known for its World Cup downhill course. This spot shines for intermediate to expert skiers. On the other hand, Vail boasts one of the largest ski areas in the country and offers a vast range of trails suitable for all levels. For those who love variety on their ski trips, Vail might edge ahead.


After a morning on the slopes, both resorts cater to hungry skiers in different ways. Beaver Creek provides luxurious dining options, ranging from gourmet meals on the mountain to upscale experiences in the village. Vail, however, is a culinary paradise. With its extensive variety of restaurants and eateries, spanning both local and international cuisines, it stands out as a diner's dream destination.

Vail ski resort

Après ski:

Post-skiing activities are a highlight at both resorts. Beaver Creek offers a more intimate atmosphere with fire pits and complimentary cookies at the base, making it perfect for those who enjoy winding down in a cozy environment. Vail's vibrant nightlife, rich with bars and clubs, positions it as a hub of activity for those looking to continue the fun into the night.


Planning a family ski trip? You're in luck with either choice. Beaver Creek is renowned for its range of family-friendly activities, such as ice skating and village parades. Vail, with its expansive ski school and numerous family-oriented events, ensures everyone has an adventure to remember.


The ambiance of Beaver Creek and Vail distinguishes them. Beaver Creek exudes a sense of luxury and exclusivity with its pedestrian-only village and high-end shops. Vail, on the other hand, with its bustling streets and melting pot of visitors, offers a lively and energetic atmosphere.

Samoëns Piste Map

In the grand debate of Beaver Creek vs. Vail, it's clear that both resorts offer unparalleled skiing experiences, each with its own unique charm. Your perfect choice will depend on what you seek — be it Beaver Creek's luxurious allure or Vail's energetic vibe. Regardless of where you end up, breathtaking slopes await.

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